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€845.000 in extra net revenue per year


Success Story

11teamsports (1)-1

11teamsports.com has developed into one of the largest online shops for football and team sports related footwear in Europe. It was founded in 2007 and has over 2.5 million  customers.

ShoeSize.Me engages with shoppers online in a conversation around shoe sizing. As sizing is a major shopper concern, this helps them to buy with confidence.

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“We set a clear goal for our partnership and ShoeSize.Me has been ABSOLUTELY focused on hitting this goal - and we did!
We have seen that the probability to buy and keep a shoe increases every time a shopper gets her/his size calculated (instead of guessing).
We are now focusing on getting many more shoppers to get their size from ShoeSize.Me!”

Karel Nowak
Director of Sales


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